Monday, January 19, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference 2015

First of all - A Happy New Year!

I attended The AX Technical Conference last year and after following the progress of the upcoming Conference (Session Catalog), I have concluded that I can't justify the cost (attendance, travel, living and lost Income for my employeer) of attending this year. The main reasons are the lack of deep technical sessions (level 400) and the fact that the Conference now also covers CRM which is not on my agenda.

I found last years Conference to be "light" with regards to technical depth and coverage, but my expectations where based on what was called the Technical Briefing back in the days when Damgaard owned Axapta (some years ago - I know) and not the fact that AX 2012 R3 was a functional release. My latest experience before AXTech 2014, was Convergence in 2008 and even this conference (more customer oriented) was more technical compared to AXTech 2014.

I see the dilemma for Microsoft with the current product focus around added functionality (horizontally and vertically). The first event or conference covering AX 7 (AX 2016?) will be more interesting to me, since this release means a real architectural change (product revolution and a tehnological shift). At the time of writing this post (the first one in 2015), this is still unknown, and I don't expect AX 7 to be covered until the next Technical Conference in 2016. I wonder what Microsoft will name this conference when it again quailify for AX Technical Conference...

I have had my first looks at AX 7 CTP4 in Azure and I will probably post some information when the time allows it.

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